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Kind of Like You

The Mai/Zuko Fic Exchange

Day One: Be the Start @ 09:55 am

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Title: Be The Start
Rating: PG-13
Note: Adam Pascal is ads fhkhgf amazing.

For: monalisaofpasta

days apart and hurried nights
(or, mai and zuko are caught in the act)


He is supposed to be in that war—no, peace, he mentally admonishes himself—meeting. Supposed to be handling the foreign diplomats that have traveled for weeks or more to attend this peace summit. Sokka's come all the way from the Southern Water Tribe and his pregnant wife. Aang's taken a (well-deserved and well-needed) break from traveling all around the world with Katara. He should be there, with all of the people who are trying to make the world a better place, trying to right old wrongs.
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Day One: Untitled @ 09:55 am

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Title: Untitled
Rating: G

For: vampirehunter85

Iroh puttered about his tea shop, sweeping dust out from under tables, putting chairs back into their correct positions, and setting out packets of tea for the next day. Today's business had been brisk – as it was most days anymore. If his shop hadn't been popular enough before his forced return to the Fire Nation, it certainly was now; everyone in Ba Sing Se, it seemed, wanted to be served tea by the Dragon of the West.
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Day One: L'Art de la Guerre @ 09:55 am

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Title: L'Art de la Guerre
Rating: PG
Note: Tried to include general implication of longing in regards to the sonnet of Shakespeare [I think?]. Possibly a bit too much Zuko, but the implication of longing wouldn’t have worked as well from Mai’s POV.

For: shes_unreal

War had brought a generation of youth together. More than the thrill of hunting lost dragons, the gossip and tragedy of war filled their gatherings. The youth of the four nations – three since the annihilation of the Air Nomads – considered it their time to end the war. Zuko did not count himself among such youth.
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Fic Posting Begins Today! @ 09:56 am


Right after this post, the first fics of the exchange will be posted. This will continue for the next week give or take.

I heartily encourage everyone to support the authors by commenting on the fic that they read, even if it's just to say: "Nice!"

This goes doubly for fic that is actually for you.

But I shouldn't have to tell you that.

Enjoy, everyone!

Kind of Like You

The Mai/Zuko Fic Exchange